JLS Ministries Mission Statement

To challenge & equip Christian Entrepreneur’s to use their talents, successes and influences in the marketplace as their ministry for the Kingdom of God.


  • That business is a holy, dignified ministry and calling.

  • That God desires to confirm His covenant by enabling His people to make and give money.

  • That Christian Entrepreneur’s should exemplify integrity and excellence in the marketplace.

  • That Christian Entrepreneur’s should be a positive influence in their communities for Kingdom purposes.


Because of the tremendous need in today’s society for a strong Christian witness in the marketplace, Min. James L. Standfield formed “The Entrepreneurial Spirit Training Institute” with a purpose fellowship to:

  • Provide an atmosphere for teaching Godly principles of business.

  • Provide a context of encouragement for Christian business owners.

  • To disciple Business Owners who desire to have God as their business partner.

  • To disciple Business Owners who desire to operate their businesses according to Biblical Principles.

  • To hold the Christian Entrepreneur’s accountable to God.

  • To educate Christian Entrepreneur’s about their roles in the marketplace.

  • To challenge Christian Entrepreneur’s to minister in the marketplace.

  • To let Christian Entrepreneur’s know that they are the presence of Christ in the marketplace and need to have a sound reputation as Godly, upright and faithful stewards of God’s gifts and resources.

  • To teach Christian Entrepreneur’s that they need to see that living their faith in the marketplace produces results that will enable them to be effective in their calling and a faithful witness for Christ.