Min. James L. Standfield
Min. James L. Standfield“The Authority On Biblical Entrepreneurship”

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Meet Min. James L. Standfield


Min. James L. Standfield, “The Authority On Biblical Entrepreneurship” is one of America’s top authorities and sought after speakers when it comes to teaching Biblical Entrepreneurship to the Body Of Christ. Powerfully and positively impacting audiences from around the world. Min. James inspires biblical entrepreneurs from all over to “raise the bar” not only on a entrepreneurial level but also on a spiritual level. He truly believes in his heart that Entrepreneurship is a Calling from God and that the Biblical Entrepreneur has a financial responsibility to the Kingdom of God and to the “Man Of God” (ie. supporting the Pastor’s vision).

He is a Certified Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer, where he masterly teaches and empowers individuals to pursue their passions. He is the President/CEO of “The Believers’ In Business Training Academy”, a Training Academy that is designed to build Kingdom Businesses and help Biblical Entrepreneurs reach & fulfill their God given Assignment. He is the Author of the book “God, You Said….Reminding God Of His Word On Your Entrepreneurial Journey”. He’s also the President/CEO of The Supply Company, Inc., a leading office supply company in the Washington, D.C. area. Min. James has the gift of exaltation and his strength is his ability to deeply connect with audiences by sharing compelling, real-world stories that everyone can relate too.

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Min. James Worldwide Impact

  • Founder/President of “Kingdom Entrepreneurship University”, an organization that empowers business owners using biblical principles.

  • Author of God, You Said….. “Reminding God of His Word On Your Entrepreneurial Journey”.

  • Over 10 years of mentoring/educating hundreds of Christian business owners through K.E. University.

  • Achieved $1.1 Million in sales the very first year in business.

  • Over 15 years of business experience.

  • Over 12 years of Biblical Entrepreneurial Teaching.

  • Certified Entrepreneurial Trainer.

  • Popular Conference Speaker.

Min. James Areas Of Expertise

  • Sales & Marketing Training

  • Leadership Training & Development

  • Time Management Training

  • Entrepreneurial Development Training

  • Small Business Accounting

  • Start-Ups

  • Team Building

  • Customer Service Training

  • Vision / Goal Setting

  • Strategic Development

  • Business Management

  • Assets & Income Protection

“What People Are Saying”

Powerful & Life Changing!

This seminar was absolutely priceless! I came to this seminar to meet Min. James. I was very impressed with the way he taught the seminar, tying God’s Word back to entrepreneurship using biblical principles. This seminar has impacted the way that I now look at my business. You Don’t Want To Miss This Life Changing Seminar!

Michael L. Dangerfield, Upper Marlboro, MD

Thank You So Much!

Min. Standfield, thank you so much for your motivation, your energy and your spirit. I really enjoyed The Entrepreneur & The Word Seminar. I now see why it’s the #1 Biblical Business Seminar for Christian Business Owners. Thank you for answering the call of God on your life. Continue to bless others and God will continue to bless you.

Fay Bester, Bowie, MD

You’re Anointed For This!

The Entrepreneur & The Word Seminar has been a true blessing for me. Your teaching of the Word has inspired me and has given me a clearer vision of what God can do for me and my Real Estate business. God has anointed you for such a time as this. Thank you, and may God continue to bless the work of your hands.

Denise Dimares, Rocksville, MD

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