7 Reasons To Bring in Min. James

— 7 Reasons To Bring in Min. James —

Min. James is an Entrepreneur – being in business for over 15 years and running a multi-million company, Min. James knows what it takes to grow a successful Kingdom business.

Min. James is Anointed – he knows the business owners pain in growing and sticking to their businesses, he knows what giving up feels like, he knows the pain of set-backs and disappointments.

Min. James is Appointed – he has been selected and designated by God to fill this void of Kingdom Entrepreneurial Training in the Body Of Christ.

Min. James is Called – Min. James is an Evangelist who has been called by God to travel the world, to speak, empower, encourage and build-up God’s Kingdom Entrepreneurs.

Min. James Delivers – he not only shares strong biblical content, but does so in an ethical, professional and effective manner. He doesn’t use a “one size fits all” approach; he’ll listen and learn about your church, ministry, group, club or organization.

Min. James Is Experienced – he’s been giving presentations professionally on Biblical Entrepreneurship for over 15 years! He is the President/CEO of The Supply Company, a leading Office Supply Company based Maryland. He is also the President/CEO of the Believers In Business Training Academy, a Training Academy that is designed to teach Kingdom Entrepreneurs strong biblical principles on Kingdom Entrepreneurship.

Min. James – is focused on outcomes and results for his audience – his seminars and workshops are designed to help every Kingdom Entrepreneur to make a difference not only in the marketplace, but also in the Kingdom Of God. He truly believes that each Kingdom Entrepreneur is called to Finance The Kingdom Of God & support the Pastor’s vision with their finances. Each student will be put into a position to achieve their God given entrepreneurial goals and dreams upon completion of the seminar/workshop.