What People Are Saying?

— What People Are Saying? —

“I must say I learned a lot as to what I need to do now, you brought so much faith back to me and I feel as though I can move forward with my dream.”
– Judy E. Ellis-Moy
“Min. Standfield, I really enjoyed your class. Whatever you teach is anointed to grow.”
– Keisha Knight
“Thank you, you are amazing in Christ, powerful and strong. You have imparted much in my life.”
– Renai Epps
“Thank you and thank God for you and your gifts and talents. I’ve learned so much today and will put it into action right away.”
– Janice Atkins
“Min. James, your entire presentation was very strong, powerful, motivating and inspiring. Thank you for imparting in us today.”
– Shawn L. Wilson, Sr.
“Min. James, your presentation was excellent. You used the Word of God to impact, empower and broaden my mind. The way I do business will never be the same. Thank you”
– Jamie Wilson
“Thanks for your drive, zeal, commitment, concerns, and teachings. Your labor was not in vain, truly you have blessed me to move out and take what is already mines in faith. May God Bless You Always!”
– E. Best
“Min. James, you have been such a source of blessing to me today. Thank you very much.”
– Edwina Uzzua
“Min. Standfield, thank you for your motivation, your energy and your spirit. I really enjoyed your class “The Entrepreneur & The Word”. Continue to bless the Body of Christ and God will continue to bless you.”
– Fay Bester
“Min. James, Thank God for your passion, knowledge, experiences, successes and failures! Today I was empowered. Thank you.”
– Denise Dimares
“Thank you for pouring into my life today! As you said, my life, business and outlook will never be the same after today. That was avery powerful presentation.”
– Edythe Massey Cleveland
“Thanks for my new beginning, God has truly called you for such a time as this. The business owners in the Body Of Christ definitely need to sit under this teaching. May God continue to bless you as you travel the world.”
– Angela Gordon
“Your class has been such a blessing to me. Your teaching of the Word and Business together has inspired me and has given me a clearer vision of what God can do for me and my Real Estate business. Thank you and God Bless you!”
– Abena Palmore
“Thank you for putting your time and effort into guiding this class to become powerful, spirit filled Financiers Of The Kingdom Of God. We now truly understand why God has given us these businesses!”
– Aisha Lord