Entrepreneurial Coaching

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to produce more marketing results or overcome a fear of professional failure, our Entrepreneurial Coaching Program can help.

Our Entrepreneurial Coaching Programs uses customized marketing strategies and step-by-step plans to remove obstacles and increase sales. We work with business owners who want to hone their strengths, prioritize objectives, and become more successful leaders.

Whether you want to experience the power of group coaching, individual coaching or both, we will customize a coaching experience that suits your needs. Plus, your success is guaranteed or you will receive a refund. Stop wasting countless hours looking for answers – instead use your precious time implementing the methods our Entrepreneurial Coaching Program creates with you. Within three months your business will be transformed, so let this be the year you finally achieve business success!

Some of the issues we might focus on include…

  • Developing a vision for your business

  • Exploring the purpose and values underlying your business

  • Determining legal structure, organization and operations plans

  • Writing a business plan

  • Creating a Mission Statement

  • Setting realistic and attainable goals

  • Creating and following an Action Plan to achieve your goals

  • Growing your business through networking and marketing

  • Reviewing your business goals and projections on a regular basis

  • Monthly, Quarterly, 6 Month, and Yearly Coaching Packages Are Available