Principles Of Entrepreneurship

This hands-on workshop course explores the dynamics of small business and is ideal for those interested in starting a new business or functioning more effectively in an existing organization. The Entrepreneurship Workshop will help you develop insights into many of the critical elements and common concerns of small business startups, or sharpen the skills needed to create, manage and grow a business. You will create working studies that cover marketing, product or service details, price/profitability and a plan for further action.

Upon completion of the four modules that comprise the program, you will have developed an actual business plan for your potential venture. This project will be directed and comprehensively critiqued by your instructor or local entrepreneurs. Our goal is to have our team provide you with the tools, understanding and focused vision necessary to write a solid business plan.

The purpose of this seminar course is to introduce you to the general theories, principles, concepts and practices taught by faculty instructors and local entrepreneurs. Learn how to assess a new venture idea while weighing forces found in the marketplace.

This seminar will look at:

  • Getting into business.

  • The attributes of risk and its impact on the entrepreneur.

  • Writing your business narrative.

  • Testing the market and competition.

  • Preliminary market research.