Why Churches Need Our Help

  • To encourage Christian Business Owners to bring their businesses under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • To hold Christian Business Owners accountable to God and the church.
  • To remind Christian Business Owners that they are “Kings” in the Marketplace and that Kings go to battle and bring back the spoils to deliver to the Priest who prays for them.
  • To remind Christian Business Owners that they are responsible for underwriting the Kingdom Of God and support the Pastor’s vision financially.
  • To inform Christian Business Owners that the only way they will succeed in business is by using Biblical Principles and standing on God’s Word.
  • To educate Christian Business Owners about their role in the marketplace.

This program encompasses all the above areas. It is designed to support, strengthen and inspire Christian Business Owners in the Body Of Christ.

“Your Business Owners Should Attend Some Sort Of Biblical Based Business Training at Least 4x’s a Year In Order For Them To Continue To Be Effective In The Marketplace”

– Apostle James L. Standfield

In the Body Of Christ, the scripture teaches that each joint supplies. God has chosen and called Christian Business Owner’s to use their profits to advance the Kingdom Of God so that His covenant can be established in the earth, for it is God who has given them the power to get wealth.

Workshop Topics

Workshop 1


In this powerful 1 ½ hr workshop the attendee will discover the true call on their life, which is entrepreneurship. The attendee will learn how their gift can only be expressed through faith, how their gift qualifies them, how their gift needs a yielded body & renewed mind, how their gift is needed to complete the Body of Christ and how no one can stand in their place.

Workshop 2


In this 1 ½ hr workshop, Apostle James teaches the impact, the importance, the strength and the power of God’s Word to the Entrepreneur. Attendees come away with a renewed outlook at God’s Word for their spirit and for their business.

Workshop 3


All Entrepreneurs must have a vision from God for their business. This 1 ½ hr workshop will teach the Entrepreneur the importance of having a vision for their business and the importance of setting business goals.

Workshop 4


This powerful 1 ½ hr workshop is designed to introduce the attendee to time management principles and tools that assist in making maximum use of time. The attendee will walk away learning how to prioritize God’s way.

Workshop 5


Nothing happens until someone sells something! This insightful 1 ½ hr workshop teaches the student the key ingredients that drive every sale, the secrets of great customer service, the key to successful prospecting and the importance of building trust with your customer.

Workshop 6


The right marketing program is imperative for any business to achieve success. In this solid 1 ½ hr workshop, Apostle James will teach the 7 P’s of marketing and the strategies that will help set your company apart from your competitors.

What Students Will Receive At Workshop

  • A Certificate Of Completion.
  • Powerpoint Presentation Notes. (Optional/Small Fee Associated)
  • Student Handouts. (Optional/Small Fee Associated)
  • JLS Int’l Ministries Top 30 Business Scriptures. (Download)
  • JLS Int’l Ministries Daily Confessions. (Download)
  • On-going support and access to Apostle James and coaching team for one year. (Optional/Fee Associated)

Who Should Attend?

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Bishops

  • Church Administrators

  • Business Owners

  • Business Leaders

  • Pastors

  • Ministry Leaders

  • Independent Consultants

  • Visionaries

  • Elders

Booking Apostle James To Teach The “Fast-Start Program” At Your Church!

Generally, there is no charge for Apostle James to come speak to your church, ministry, organization or group. Get a group together and call (877) 639-5254 or email us about availability in your area. Availability will depend on the number of people scheduled and distance from the Washington, D.C. area. To defray travel costs and other expenses, we ask that you allow two or more of the following at the event:

  • Allow set-up of Apostle James books, binders & topical scriptures to be sold.
  • Allow Offerings. (Optional if no honorarium)
  • Pre-order books for your group at a group rate. (Discuss group prices before ordering)
  • Only in cases of long distances; will travel, lodging & food expense fees apply.

Please Note: Offerings are put into a special account to cover expenses. Excess is used toward future events.

If you have any questions regarding our high-powered seminars, workshops, programs, classes, products or services, feel free to contact us at (877) 639-5254.

 We look forward to imparting powerful Biblical Entrepreneurial Principles to the members of your church, business ministry, club or organization.

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