Leadership Training Program

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Training Institute has spent over 25 years focusing on providing solutions to organizations for leadership training and development. The key element in our design of a leadership training program is client involvement. While we have a template and a proven design and approach for adult learning in leadership, we always involve our clients in the development and decision-making process in order to meet their specific strategic objectives.

Our Leadership Training Programs typically follow a very effective and proven process:

  • We begin by gathering the appropriate data and information from inside your organization.

  • We conduct a careful and thorough analysis of the information collected.

  • We begin to design the recommended solution collaboratively with your organization.

  • We coordinate and set up a pilot program.

  • We conduct a second analysis and make any important recommended changes that will impact the overall success of the program.

  • We set up the long-term sustainability plan.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Training Institute Leadership Training Programs have varied significantly in length and time. While some have been designed for a few short days, others have been designed to include several short workshops spread out over a few months. Common topics include:

  • Qualities of Leadership

  • Coaching Skills

  • High Performing Teams

  • Leading Groups to Solutions

  • Applied Strategic Thinking

  • Communication Skills

  • Innovation and Change

  • Executive Challenge

  • Delegation & Empowerment

  • Trust

  • Conflict Management

  • Flexible Leadership

No matter the size of the program you are envisioning for your organization, The Entrepreneurial Spirit Training Institute is willing to go the distance to meet your expectations and make the overall delivery of the program a success.

The common payoffs for your organization by using The Entrepreneurial Spirit Training Institute to design and deliver your own leadership training program are:

  1. The individual participant develops greater leadership skills and tools.
  2. Your organization begins to fill the leadership pipeline and build its future bench strength.
  3. Participants learn from each other and become more aware about the overall business and functions of how the organization operates.
  4. Participants absorb this information gradually and avoid drinking from the proverbial “fire hose.” Small intervals of time between each workshop allow for higher retention and testing of the new skills. It also creates an accountability system to apply the learning.
  5. Participants establish long-term relationships and long-term networks with facilitators and participants.
  6. Each class becomes a potential tool for organizational and cultural change. We develop a small army of people who can make change happen in your organization because they have new skills, new insight to the bigger picture and are able to make a greater contribution.

For more information on how The Entrepreneurial Spirit Training Institute can help your team create a powerful and successful leadership training program, please contact us at (301) 706-4991.