Sales and Marketing Training

The sales process is a small sub-division of marketing. Marketing is the creation of awareness and desire to purchase a product or service. Sales concern the transaction of goods and services in exchange for money. It could be said that a sale is the successful conclusion of a good marketing plan.

Our Sales and Marketing Program is designed to give you the skills you need to communicate the benefits of your product and service and to respond to a potential customer’s buying signals.

Program Content:

  • Learn how to integrate the sales and marketing concepts to become more relevant to new prospects and existing customers.

  • Acquire and understand an advanced selling process to increase sales conversion ratios and increase levels of trust and mutual co-dependency.

  • Design a compelling personal value proposition and prospecting approach that makes you sound and present more professionally to your prospects and customers.

  • Discover the importance of interpersonal selling strategies and how to use sales aids and sales tools in order to connect better with customers and exert more influence across the entire sales process.

  • How to position and communicate value in order to minimize objections and shorten sales cycle lead times.

  • How to leverage from the final sale in order to generate customer testimonials and generate new customer referrals.

  • How to understand your financial resources and fund a new marketing effort without increasing your current expenses.

  • Define what marketing is and explore the different types of marketing strategies and tactics.

  • Understand who your customers are and what they like and dislike about competitors in your specific marketplace.

  • Learn how to think outside the box and outsmart the competition….even the national chains.

  • Develop a marketing budget and marketing plan for your specific business and its needs.

  • Learn how to implement and evaluate your marketing plan to test for success and amend it for greater effectiveness.

  • Understanding of the unique features and benefits that your clients or customers get from doing business with you.

  • Effective pricing strategy for your products and services.