Believers’ In Business Seminar

The “Believers’ In Business Seminar” is one of the premier seminars for Christian Business owners. This seminar is designed to equip you to take your business to another level using Godly principles. This seminar is also guaranteed to strengthen your faith and challenge you to take your business to another level for the Kingdom Of God.

This powerful one day seminar includes a choice of workshops on subjects like; Dominion In The Workplace, The Entrepreneur & The Word, The Components Of A Million Dollar Business, Strategies For Working Yourself Out of Your Day Job and Pursuing Your Purpose Full Time, Keys To Building A Successful Financial Foundation, Small Business Accounting For Entrepreneurs, Branding #101: How To Build, Attract & Keep Customers, A Healthy You, A Wealthy You, Legally Structuring Your Business, How To Start, Grow and Maintain Your Own Non-Profit Company, Time Management For Entrepreneurs and much, much more.

We encourage Christian Business owners from all over to take time out to attend the “Believers’ In Business Seminar”, to be resourced and inspired to face the challenges of today’s marketplace.

Why You Should Attend

The Believers’ In Business Seminar is the #1 Biblical Business Seminar for Christian Business Owners. This seminar is designed to empower, strengthen, build-up and encourage the Christian Entrepreneur. It’s also designed to produce Christian Entrepreneurs who will cause a major shift in the market place, where there is a transfer of wealth from the world system to the Kingdom of God. During this 1one day biblically-based seminar, you will receive the empowerment that will help you continue to build and rebuild your business.

What To Expect

Find answers to these critical questions:

  • How can I grow my business God’s Way?
  • How can I maintain a strong sense of purpose?
  • How can I develop an effective growth planning system?
  • How can my marriage/relationship survive this?
  • When will I experience true success?
  • How do I overcome disappointments & setbacks?
  • What scriptures should I stand on for my business?
  • How do I manage my time?
  • When do I go full time with my business?
  • How do I seek God first and run my business at the same time?