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I’m a number one best-selling author, captivating speaker and hope-restoring coach to women like you who want to do good work in the world, but believe they deserve to earn damn good money doing it. And if you didn’t feel that way before half a second ago, then I assure you, you’re in the right place!

Your Business Starts with God

Posted by JLS Int’l Ministries on  December 26, 2020
Category: Business
In the beginning God.  We love how the Bible starts.  We make it a point to pause at the word God now whenever I read Genesis 1:1.  It puts it all into perspective when we stop there, doesn’t it?  Rick Warren starts The Purpose Driven Life with the same thought,

6 Success Tips From Multimillionaires

Posted by JLS Int’l Ministries on  December 26, 2020
Category: Wealth
B.I.B. Training Academy has compiled 6 success tips that Multimillionaires all seem to follow or have. Success does have clues, so follow the clues and the money will follow. Success Tip #1: Think your Thoughts into Reality. One day, a top corporate businessman in New York City looked out his
Branding is just as important for small businesses as it is for big names. Indeed, many corporate brands try to look more like small firms in order to appeal to consumers that prefer to support independent brands. B.I.B. Training Academy explains how to develop your own brand identity.   Many
Do a life assessment and get clear on your top priorities for each day/week/month.Do this daily, and then check it again weekly to make sure you’re on track. In this process, you get clear on where you want to focus your energy and it can help you make decisions more

What Makes A Good Salesperson

Posted by JLS Int’l Ministries on  December 26, 2020
Category: Sales
People that are good at building relationships tend to be good at sales. Why? Because we tend to prefer to buy things from people we like.  It’s possible to bulldoze your way to a sale.  You might get someone to buy from you with a cutthroat, aggressive sales strategy, but probably


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